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Let me make it clear more info on Clone a Porn Site Ripoff

Let me make it clear more info on Clone a Porn Site Ripoff

It is extremely very easy to set a porn site up.

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– join an internet site in Estonia or Bermuda or Kazakhstan. You realize, someplace where they don’t make inquiries about any of it type or sort of material.

– check out some current porn internet sites and copy each of their photos. You’ll probably require about 100. (Don’t be concerned about these websites complaining – where you think they got their images?)

– Post these pictures in your site that is own and five bucks to check out them. (Don’t concern yourself with individuals whining which you have only 100 images. Would you think they’ll go directly to the bbb? And anyhow, your website is hosted in Estonia.)

2. Write a ‘How to Get Rich’ B k Ripoff

What? You don’t learn how to get rich quickly? That does not matter, do the authors are thought by you of all of the these other b ks learn how to get rich? They have rich by composing these crappy publications, and thus could you!

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